Samhain Blessings

Expansive Stillness--Seasonal Wisdom &
Divine Feminine Resourcing

A morning online class with Diana Melchizedek & Danielle Saunders, MFT


Saturday, October 31, 10-11:30 AM, PDT (1-12:30 PM EDT)

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Join us in our Divine Feminine Softness and Joy




This free offer is 

  • a playful exploration of Samhain, the Celtic New Year

  • a gentle resourcing from the Divine Mother

  • an experience of group holding and grounding in the Divine Feminine


Expansive Stillness Awaits You..



Great span of wings cast thrilling shadows

Still holding steady

Breath brings greatness guides fortitude

Watching the drama unfold

Unflappable unwavering resolve

Steady is as steady goes

--Danielle Saunders

Samhain Blessings

Expansive Stillness--Seasonal Wisdom &
Divine Feminine Resourcing
Seasonal changes mark a time of reflection. The veils are at their thinnest during this time of year. Spring and Summer have been full of explosive, cosmic and planetary upheavals. We have been simmering in the Unknown for so many months. Now is the time to prepare for Winter. To gather in your harvest and prepare your nest for the quiet months. Make provisions of the Self-kind to support you throughout the trying times ahead. In this workshop we will:  


  • Connect with your allies from the spirit realm

  • Share your experiences with Fall and the season’s symbolism

  • Gain insights into any blocks you may have around receiving healing

  • Ideas to deepen and connect to Mother Gaia 

Diana Melchizedek is a high priestess, birth and postpartum Doula, Lightbody practitioner and teacher of the Holy Womb Chakra. In addition, Diana has received the Holy Ampulla Sophia, and ancient ascension activation first given by Mother Mary to the apostle Thomas. She is an intuitive master healer and offers private readings and healing sessions.
Danielle Saunders is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a practice specializing in Spiritual Awakening and Sacred Relationship. She is an initiated Priestess in the Avalonian Tradition from the 13 Moons Mystery School and a student of the Holy Womb Chakra. She has extensive training in Expressive Arts, Tantra, Energy Medicine and leading Ceremonial Rituals.

Samhain Blessings

Expansive Stillness--Seasonal Wisdom &
Divine Feminine Resourcing

The Rise of the Divine Feminine

Be a part of the Balance Movement


The Divine Feminine is the Feminine-aspect of God. She is known throughout time and spans all cultures as the Universal Great Mother. Many revere her in her form as Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Isis, Ishtar, Brigit, Cosmic Sophia and Shekhinah.


In a time of non-binary thinking and exploration, we invite you to expand your understanding of “feminine” and “ masculine” to include duality energies to explore and not limited whatsoever to an assigned gender or sexual-orientation expression or  preference. Each human being has aspects of both feminie and masculine. Similar to Yin/Yang, Rest/Active, we explore these dualities within ourselves and as we relate to others.


Divine Feminine Energies are not just for women--Men need regular infusions of receptive gentleness to resource their own internal feminine-aspect, which strengthens their masculine. As men are developing this capacity, spending time with embodied women can support and speed up this process. Men and women are meant to be in harmony, working in union, sharing strengths, approaches and wisdom.


The rise of the Divine Feminine is a new activation of an ancient Cosmic-Earth Spirituality where we honor Mother Earth and Cosmic Sophia, the Divine Mother-Creatrix. This is not the same as the Goddess work of the 1990’s which was a wonderful psychological and self-empowerment movement focusing primarily on women. This present day movement is about activating the innate feminine qualities within ALL genders: females and female-identified AND male and male-identified humans. It is about balancing both the feminine and masculine energies within each of us, in a unique and individual way that supports us in our divine path as both expansive with spirit and grounded with our physical bodies. 


Now is the time to come out--speak up--in our Feminine Warrior Softness--like a steady stream of water cutting through a canyon wall, we are making an impact while staying true to our innate natures--fiercely loyal and unwaveringly loving. Activating the Yin, the rest and receptive aspect in our society-out-of-balance, from this position of embodied presence, we are able to listen and take action when called to in a non-anxious, connected manner. We learn how to heal Mother Earth and steady our world’s economics and politics from a loving, nurturing, Unified Field of Consciousness. This is the place of true planetary healing, where all humans, of all genders, identities, ages and cultures, all creatures and all elements are celebrated and revered as Holy. Aho.

We invite you to experience the Divine Mother with us and feel her unconditional love and wisdom. She is always there, ready for us to ask.


Danielle Saunders, LMFT #40992

Oakland, CA, USA 94602


Online sessions available: Zoom or Skype

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