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OWL Priestess offerings


These are my most spiritual of offerings generated from my lifetime relationship with Divine Source and years of specialized training in ritual, mystical traditions, wisdom studies and sacred travel.


Energy Medicine Sessions


Sacred Personal Initiations


Holy Womb & Tantra Practices


Individual & Couples Healings

Two Women

Remember yourself as divine

Gnosis--a direct knowing of the divine without an intermediary.

As we and the planet evolve, we are developing a deeper relationship with our inner Divine that is the Feminine aspect--that which has been repressed for hundreds of years. And we are feeling what people who have been close to the land and her rhythms have felt for milenia--that Mother Earth is a living and breathing entity--and we have a responsibility to be in direct relationship with her. We are remembering Her--Cosmic Divine Mother and Mother Earth.

Experience a direct relationship to the Divine.

Priestess/Priest work is about remembering our direct connection to the Divine--in all of her/his forms--The One True Source Energy, as well as the Feminine/Masculine aspects of Source. It is a spiritual movement beyond religion, but can easily co-exist alongside most expanded, open-hearted religions.

Expand your inner experience to include your own mastery and remembrance.

Tending to your spiritual self activates and amplifies the unique spark of consciousness inside each of us. It can assist us in taking the next step forward in our path of awakening, healing and doing our part to uplift the world.


This sacred knowing is within each of us.


It is time for the remembrance of the cosmic union of the Divine Father and Divine Mother. We each hold the legacy within our bodies--the truth of the validity of a Divine that is both masculine and feminine. Cosmic Father and Cosmic Mother--as above is below. A dance of energies that is expressed uniquely within each of us that goes beyond gender and culture specifics--each of us has a mix of masculine and feminine qualities, aspects and expressions.

Honor the ancient wisdom of the Divine Feminine, the Sophia, the Shekinah.

We celebrate seasons as our ancestors did--following the cycles of the Earth and nature. We value and honor our feminine traditions of gathering, sharing food, holding each other during times of transitions, pain and joy. We rejoice in the human body, sexuality, messy emotions, household chores and raising children rather than ignore, vilify, deny these aspects of our humanity. 

Give yourself the profound experience of being witnessed in your own sacred truth in ceremony.

I am a guide to your own experience of the Divine Feminine aspect of Source--the Great Mother with her many incarnations like Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Tara, Brigid, Hathor, Isis, Inanna. Open your heart to the true powerful, holy, sovereign, compassionate Divine Mother.

I am your spiritual midwife in this crossing of a threshold. Let me hold you in the liminal space between the veils. Experience personal initiations and rites of passage with me, a Priestess of the Great Mother trained in the Avalonian tradition of the Celts in the British Isles and the Holy Womb Chakra practices with remembrances of the ancient mystery schools of the Minoan and Delphi Greeks and the Essene Hebrews/early Christians. 

You are a Priestess/Priest of the Divine.

















Benefits include:

  • Upgrade your physical body to contain and balance the higher frequencies of the the planet.

  • Activate a greater ability to know your inner truth and receive direct guidance from your Higher Self.

  • Perform everyday activities with a more open heart and fully circulating chakras.

  • Fully forgive yourself and loved ones for past painful experiences.

  • Remember your own sacred lineages as light workers from past lives.

  • Deepen your sacred work in the world.

  • Pass on your deepest wisdom to your clients, children and communities.

I use Energy Medicine, Mediation, Earth-based practices, sound and mantra, poetry, the arts, story and gentle movement in our rituals. While there are many archetypes of the Divine Feminine, we can group them into four basic Sacred Archetypes that frame the design of our experience:





Each of us will have healings and sacred activations needed at each of these key aspects of the face of the Divine Feminine, regardless of your chronological age. To find out more, please contact me. I will be able to tell you more about what kind of initiation and what archetype may fit for your issue or celebration. I am open to combining traditions and affiliations. I welcome your input, experience and participation, as well as working with your loved ones. Together we will co-create whatever is calling for you to remember and experience in your awakening divinity.  

I honor and witness the sacred lands that nurtured me from my birth and childhood in Northwest Pennsylvania: the Iroquois Nation as well as the sacred lands from which I draw my water and food here in the Bay Area of California: the Ohlone. Thank you for tending our Mother. May we remember and learn from your sacred earth ways.

Image by Agto Nugroho

So Many Gifts --Hafiz

There are so many gifts

Still unopened from your birthday,

There are so many hand-crafted presents

That have been sent to you by God.

The Beloved does not mind repeating,

"Everything I have is also yours."

Please forgive Hafiz and the Friend

If we break into a sweet laughter

When your heart complains of being thirsty

When ages ago

Every cell in your soul

Capsized forever

Into this infinite golden sea.


A lover's pain is like holding one's breath

Too long

In the middle of one of Creations Favorite Songs.

Indeed, a lover's pain is this sleeping,

This sleeping,

When God just rolled over and gave you

Such a big good-morning kiss!

There are so many gifts, my dear,

Still unopened from your birthday.

What is Owl Priestess?

She is my spirit animal and a remembrance of the powerful priestess in me, She-who-is Owl. She is the Gatekeeper to the Mysteries and the Keeper of the Keys. She sees through the darkness, parting the veils of the shadows to walk the underworld with you. She will keep you company on your darkest night.

I have found many people are called to the Owl and the Owl Heart at various times in their lifetimes--many need Owl Medicine to proceed on their spiritual awakenings. Some will remain with Owl and incorporate her spirit, as I have, to provide others with her wisdom and insights.


Are you called to the Owl and her potent medicine? 

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