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My many years in private practice have taught me that each of us wants to feel better, have more real connections and do good work in the world. We struggle sometimes to uncover and release the layers of doubt, fear, rage and grief from years and lifetimes of repression both internally and externally. 


We need a loving hand to hold during our times of uncertainty.


We need to have someone to see and speak to the strength and wisdom inside of us when we forget.


I have sat with hundreds of people--just like you--who have written new stories from their pasts and risen up to meet their futures with passionate love for themselves and their partners, children, friends and communities.


I bring my background in spiritual psychology, family systems, attachment theory, mythic and archetypal awareness, energy medicine and mysticism to offer you sessions that are both grounded and creative, practical and insightful.


How will you write this next chapter in your life?


Topics many of my clients discuss with me include: depression and anxiety, clearing feelings of unworthiness, family dynamics, raising children, authentic communication, past/childhood trauma, conscious partnership, separation/divorce, dating anxiety, increasing sexual passion/Tantra, the dance of the masculine and feminine, building spiritual energy, meditation practices, awakening consciousness, releasing deeply embedded patterns, sacred career development, life stage transitions, aging parents, attachment parenting, creating community, creativity and ritual.



My credential details:


Graduated California Institute of Integral Studies, MA Counseling Psychology and Expressive Arts, 2000.


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California, 2004-present. LMFT #40992.


Agency and non-profit work: Apple Family Works, San Rafael, CA; Cedars of Marin, Ross, CA; Lincoln Child Center, Oakland, CA; Welcome Home Baby/First 5 Contra Costa County, CA.


Private Practice, CA., 2005-present.


Adjunct Professor: California Institute of Integral Studies 2015-2019, John F. Kennedy University/National University 2017-2020.


Clinical specialization in: Client-centered Relational Therapy, Solution-focused Family Therapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Attachment Parenting, Expressive Arts. My primary teachers include: Kate Donohue, Sanjen Miedzinski, Jack Weller, Peter & Ellen Levine, Natalie Rogers, Scott Shimabukuro, David Burns, Paul & Nancy Aikin, Sam Jinich & Michelle Gannon.


Additional extensive training in: Energy Medicine, Archetypal & Shamanic Healing, Intuitive Painting, Authentic Movement, Meditation, Yoga, Tantra and the High Arts of Monogamy, Ceremonial and Ritual Leadership. My primary teachers and mentors include: Chris Zydel, Cyndi Dale, Olusesan Oyunega, Leonard Jacobson, Charles Ridley, Umang Goel, Michael & Diana Melchizidak, 13 Moon Mystery School: Ariel Spilsbury, Elayne Kalila Doughty, Eden Amadora Davis, Elana Auerbach, Oneness University: Ammabhagavan, Sri Kaleshwar & Shirdi Sai Baba. 


I look forward to working with you!

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